Now you know what we do, now here’s what Elite Sweets doesn’t do!

On any product bearing our name we never cut corners, use synthetic or inferior (filler) ingredients, edible oil products, colours or flavours, nor do we use any trans fats or hydrogenated oils. We never compromise our integrity as artisan dessert manufacturers hereby growing our business one simple way: By making more and more people fall in love with the purity and deliciousness of Elite Sweets.


Elite Sweets was founded in 1990 by Alfonzo Criminisi and Alberto Tari. Starting small with as a side business selling delicious pastries made by Alberto’s relatives the pair then began sourcing and importing the highest of quality pastries and cannolis direct from Italy. More and more customers kept demanding more products and the next thing they knew, they’d left their current jobs and entered the pastry / dessert business together fulltime.

Authenticity above all

As their company grew, the two founders held strongly to their belief in creating authentic products through a philosophy of constant innovation, quality ingredients and food safety. “We have our basis in the Italian tradition, using our own fillings, recipes and methods, all without artificial additives,” says Alfonzo, adding, “Our freezer is the preservative.”

“We’ve built a successful business out of making really tasty desserts out of real food, and never using artificial ingredients,” he continues. “Real cream, real chocolate, real everything – that’s what makes our desserts the best in town.”

No need to take our word for it

Elite Sweets’ products are all BRC & HACCP certified. “This is the highest standard for our industry,” says Alfonzo. “We think it’s important to give consumers the peace of mind that comes with this type of global food safety certification. To ensure we always meet and exceed BRC standards we also have our own in-house lab undertaking constant daily testing on all our products, work environments and ingredients .” adds Alfonzo.

Our brand or yours

Elite Sweets makes cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, dessert cups and family style scoop-and-serve desserts. Our extensive product lines are offered in either foodservice formats or retail packaging.

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